The AEDES DE VENUSTAS Candle Collection is a new world unto itself, arising from enchantment and mystery. Housed in an upright dark aubergine glass embossed with the AEDES insignia, the candles echo the AEDES richness; opulent and yet sophisticated. The fine relief of the blazon outline is the only inscription; the glasses unveil no names, no signs of distinction. The first four candles of the AEDES DE VENUSTAS collection thus state their strength through one single shared design, and stories behind only appear to those who know how to close their eyes. Once upon a time, antique star maps, smoldering pine, Hindu Kush grass, ancient ruins and golden honeycomb.To discover the scents, one requires nothing but true imagination, the nose smells and emotions tell. Each candle offers an invitation to dive into a mysterious world, created and carefully illustrated. The AEDES DE VENUSTAS fantastical tales are beautifully interpreted by the perfumers, an almost magical olfactory translation inspired by dreams, blurred memories and enigmatic stories.