Candle Care Tips

Following these simple steps greatly increases the life of your candles.
  • Always trim wicks to 1/4" each and every time you burn your candles. The lenght of the wick determines the height of the flame- the longer the wick the larger and more unwieldy the flame will be.
  • Burn your candles for no longer than 4 hour intervals (less for smaller candles, such as travel tins oand other containers). Burning your candle for longer periods of time will cause its shape to distort.
  • Ensure your candle is placed in a safe area that is free from drafts or excessive activity.
  • Never place your pillar candle directly on furniture. The fragrance oils and wax will stain.
  • Never place your glass candle on a cold surface. This can cause the glass to crack when the candle is burning.
  • Finally, never leave a burning candle unattended.
Enjoy Your Candle & Thank You.