Fornasetti ARCHITETTURA Room Spray - Otto Scent

Fornasetti ARCHITETTURA Room Spray - Otto Scent


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Fornasetti ARCHITETTURA - Architectural neoclassical trompe-l’oeil decors inspired by Palladio. Iconic Fornasetti design, first used in the 50s for objects like umbrella stands and waste paper baskets.

The Scent: OTTO was created in 2010. It is based on scents of the Fornasetti house and gardens such as:
  • Mediterranean herbs and flowers like thyme and lavender found in and around family home
  • Woods like orris and cedarwood used to suggest the furniture created by Fornasetti
  • Ingredients like incense to convey a sense of the surreal Fornasetti imagery
Ceramic hand-made and hand-decorated in Italy.