Histoires de Parfums VIDI Eau de Parfum

Histoires de Parfums VIDI Eau de Parfum


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EDITION RARE - VIDI - fem & masc.

In an effort to understand the rules governing nature, VIDI blends a subtle mix of Cardamom with hints of Ozonic scents. Then Saffron and Rose, driven by forces of love and hate, come together in powerful marriage that intoxicates the spirit and forces it to rest on an altar where sweet Ambergris scents are serenaded by the sensual fragrance of a pure immortal stream. This perfume resonates somewhere between reason and passion with the intensity of Cardamom embracing and enchanting the spirit.

Top Note: cardamom, ozone effects
Heart Note: plastic rose, cyclamen, water effects, saffron
Base Note: immortal absolu, musk, ambergris, vanilla, white wood
  • Eau de Parfum 60ml

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