Jardins D'Ecrivains JUNKY Eau de Parfum

Jardins D'Ecrivains JUNKY Eau de Parfum


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William Burroughs was the most experimental and avant-garde figure of the Beat Generation, the one who went furthest in developing the complexity of the novel.
In his youth he escaped through reading Oscar Wilde, and he went on to lead a bohemian lifestyle, delighting in extreme experiences. His first novel, Junky, describes the harsh reality of addiction.

Jardins D’Écrivains presents its new fragrance, which points to the analogous experience of olfactory addiction. Perfume has the power to take us to a higher plane and really influences our behaviour. Perfume reveals something intimate to others but also to the person wearing it.

This is a complex, unique fragrance. There are three key phases in its development: the top notes include the subtlest hint of fresh hemp. The mysterious middle notes bring in the creamy scents of gardenia, iris and violet, which then mingle with the dry-wood base notes of cashmeran, cedar, and cade, softened by the frankincense and sweet myrrh resins and the aroma of Javanese vetiver.

Junky is unashamedly different and invites originality and «factualism», to borrow the term used by Burroughs.

Top Notes: Hemp, Rosewood & Galbanum
Middle Notes: Iris, Violet & Gardenia
Base Notes: Cashmeran, Cedar, Javanese vetiver, Sweet myrrh Frankincense, Cade & Moss
  • Eau de Parfum 100ml