L'Artisan Parfumeur " L'Automne" (Autumn) Candle

L'Artisan Parfumeur " L'Automne" (Autumn) Candle


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L'Automne" (Autumn) - A stroll through the wild landscape surrounding Grasse, where leaves and nuts fall onto the humid earth.

Recreate in your own home this special muffled atmosphere, where leaves on the ground soften the sound of footsteps. The air is getting fresher and more humid, the light is getting paler, comforting as the wind picks up. At first, we detect a lavender note, which carries us into the countryside, then chestnut, caramel and blackcurrant notes. Finally, a cedar and lichen accord brings to a close this promenade in the Grasse back-country.

Handmade by some of the finest ceramicists, this new silver vessel makes our scented candle a must-have object for every chic interior.
  • 7oz
  • Approximately 50+ hour burn time

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