Marianne Guedin "Precious Wood" Candle

Marianne Guedin "Precious Wood" Candle


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Marianne Guedin "Precious Wood" Candle

Fragrance Notes: a smoky fantasy of a meeting Lords.

  • Candle in Hand Blown Glass
  • Packaged in Uniquely Designed Box by Marianne Guedin
  • 6.7 oz / 190 g
  • Approximately 50 Hours Burn Time

Marianne Guedin Candles ~ The supremely beautiful collection of luxurious candles by Marianne Guedin, famous for her contemporary and organic approach to design. Her candles have a purified esthetism, each one is blown glass, having a uniquely rich form and color. The natural wax is hand-run in France and the candles are conditioned in round boxes of the same color than the glass pots. Each candle has particular olfactive history, mainly inspired by flowers, memories and trips, 16 captivating and greedy fragrances worked out in Grasse in Provence.