Nez a Nez

NEZ A NEZ, hidden away in the heart of the historical Marais district of Paris, reveals its concept as original as its fragrances. Their perfumes are accompanied by poetic texts which reate a lyrical world. Away from the classical tracks of reference, the creators let their pulsions express hemselves, give back to the fragrances their own identity to heave themselves up to the top, so that each one can explode. The creations NEZ A NEZ are unique, chosen to allow passion to reveal itself and tie a fleshy link between the artist and the muse who guides him. Compromise oneself, get into the universe of NEZ A NEZ, it is to become complice and partner of his creators to register in our century. NEZ A NEZ so smart with its scents of wood and sober bottles audaciously combines the pictural universe and the poetry, genitors of the fragrances.

The “eaux de parfum" are presented in a square transparent 100 ml glass bottle, voluntarily sober in order to let the fragrance express freely its own identity.
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Atelier d'Artiste Eau de Parfum
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