Tommi Sooni EDTS I

Tommi Sooni EDTS I


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Eau de Tommi Sooni I - Rich, warm, sensual - A rich, deep Oriental enhanced with oakmoss for an urbane, warm, sensual presence. Created with panache for those who prefer a seamless, fragrant experience.

Constructed on a base of huon pine and sandalwood, its subtle heart of jonquil, metallic rose and cigar accord peaks in a mingling of sparkling top notes - lime, lemon leaves and bergamot.

Despite the cries for revolution, couples embrace in what could be their last dance together. A kiss, a moist brow, a heart beat.

The scent of EDTS I is in the air.

Inspired by our love of far away cultures: our high concentration eau de toilette fragrances are for those who appreciate the charismatic, the unexpected, and the beautiful. Dreams are made of this.

Woody Oriental
  • 100ml Eau de Toilette