Tommi Sooni JINX Eau de Parfum

Tommi Sooni JINX Eau de Parfum


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Jinx - Original, striking, alluring - Artists fall on the inspiration of a muse to create beauty with passion. Jinx the eau de parfum by Tommi Sooni, created for celebrated designer Vanessa Leyjonhelm. Vanessa traces her bloodline back to the islands of Greece, the land of ancient myths where Jinx the perfume was born. A light touch of Jinx on your skin opens with the full and bursting fruits of a fig tree under a clear Grecian sky. Shaded afternoon breezes drift through the green vine leaves and carry their scent to the sea. Fragrant traces of crushed basil on the palms of an adoring father as he embraces Vanessa, the precious child. A scented arrangement of flowers for our muse, and you, to envelope in: jasmin, lily of the valley, rose and ylang ylang. For depth and strength of character we introduce moss, vetiver, rock rose and white musk. The flashes of genius we see in Vanessa’s creations are here too in the guise of crystallized ginger.

Soft Floral/Aldehydic Floral
  • 50ml Eau de Parfum

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