Tommi Sooni PASSERELLE Eau de Parfum

Tommi Sooni PASSERELLE Eau de Parfum


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Passerelle - Feminine, embracing, egalitarian - Passerelle was always going to be special.

Our intention: to create a distinctive perfume with links to classic French perfumery, an Australian perfume that reflects the unique floral notes of our native flora. But where to begin? To go forward you must also look back.

By researching the history of colonial Australia we discovered the French also sent explorers south, not to conquer but to enrich French culture with the natural wonders of Terre Australis.

For Passerelle we gathered an Australian Spring floral bouquet of delicate native jasmine, starry tea tree, soft honeyed myrtle, the crisp notes of boronia buds and the much loved flowers of silver wattle, adopted by the French and known to the world as mimosa. We chose yellow rose, honeysuckle, wintersweet and golden trumpet to reflect the warmth of the Australian sun and to add a cosmopolitan edge to Passerelle. Adding these golden flowers of joy to our native bouquet we then spun fine threads of Australian sandalwood amongst the blooms and finally, drops of petigrain for the green stems. The word Passerelle is French for bridge or catwalk, a name befitting a perfume that is both fashionable and a fragrant link between two cultures.

Rich floral bouquet
  • 50ml Eau de Parfum