Tommi Sooni TARANTELLA Eau de Parfum

Tommi Sooni TARANTELLA Eau de Parfum


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Tarantella - Elegant, luxurious, sensual - We begin by combining the sharp, green citrus top notes of neroli and mandarin with aldehydes and the grassy resin galbanum. This creates a first impression of sparkle and effervescence.

Combining muguet with the most elegant of ingredients, orris from Florence, we open the second act on Tarantella. Here floral balance is achieved with rose, frangipani and jasmine, defining this a very feminine heart.

Piquant spices clove and bay laurel add harmony, while a drop of honey adds a breath of sweetness to this intoxicating swirl of contrasting notes.

Supple leather and amber vie to dance wildly in the base notes, but partnered with earthy oak moss and sandalwood the overall tempo changes to one of sheer seduction.

Tarantella, the first perfume for Tommi Sooni is named in honour of the beloved Sicilian dance.

Mossy Woods/Chypre
  • 50ml Eau de Parfum